Pan-African Community Action (PACA) is organized around shared tools of analysis and guided by organizing principles.

Even for those that do not share PACA's tools of analysis and organizing principles, PACA asserts that no organization or movements can be built without a shared analysis and guiding principles. 

Unity presupposes organization.

- Kwame Nkrumah

 As such, conscious Africans must be in an organization AND that organization must be held together by a shared analysis and guided by organizing principles. 



  • Anti-exploitation (capitalism)
  • Anti-race based oppression (racism)
  • Anti-sex based oppression (sexism and homophobia)
  • We want POWER not reform or inclusion in a corrupt system


  • Pan-Africanism
    • the liberation and unification of Africa under the economic system of socialism
    • Until Africa is free, no African can be free
    • The primacy of Africa
  • Black Communities are a domestic colony
    • Serve the wants and needs of those in power
  • Core issue is POWER, not racism
    • Power and self-determination
    • Control not inclusion
  • Capitalism is inherently exploitative
    • Exploitation of one human by another for the purpose of profit
  • Intersectionality
    • Multiple forms of oppression and exploitation
    • Black women’s experiences are different than that of Black men or white women
    • LGBTQ issues
    • Ending racism and sexism will not end capitalism
    • Ending capitalism will not end racism and sexism
    • Organization is imperative
    • Only way to end oppression and exploitation
    • Only way to build a new society
  • Organizing is a science
    • Method of organizing
    • Advancement of history (understanding and making)
    • Resistance→ social change→ social transformation→ Revolution
    • Use of Dialectical and Historical Materialism